Isthmus The 10 Best Albums of 2010   “But the music of Clovis Mann is all about resistance to everything that would bring you down.”


77 Square Clovis Mann Reinvigorates its Sound with Two Guitar Attack (Dec. 2010)

“We were going through these changes, and I felt a lot of pressure,” Walkner said. “The writing was all on me for this one. The people who have both the previous albums are expecting a better one each and every time. I just wanted to knock it out of the park with this one.”

The pressure seems to have paid off, as “Metamorphic” has gotten the band some of its best reviews ever for its blues-rock sound.


Isthmus Review for Metamorphic – “Clovis Mann wears its personality on its sleeve. Its lively blues rock is unpretentious, working-class, beer-soaked, therapeutic, hard-driving and in search of justice. Metamorphic shows why Clovis Mann is a joyous addition to the Madison music scene…

Despite the band’s willingness to confront life’s ills, the album abounds with good feeling and optimism. “Blowin’ Up the Shack” is a bluesy summer song about innocence and freedom from responsibility.

Feeling down? Metamorphic is high-proof elixir.”


localsoundsmagazine Review of Metamorphic – “Metamorphic is the third release from Clovis Mann and the title aptly suits the band’s resume as the only remaining founder of the power trio, Dan Walkner has had to morph with changes in band members…

Aside from the more sophisticated instrumentation, what really symbolizes Clovis Mann’s metamorphosis is Walkner’s vocals, which have developed a relaxed and heartfelt delivery. His performance on the ballad “Dig Deep” may be his finest recorded vocal to date.

While Clovis Mann retains much of their jam-band heritage, they show signs of evolving into a band that has a bit more depth and staying power, rolling with the punches and emerging all the stronger for it.”



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