Western Tour March 2012!

Off we go on another Wild West adventure.  What will this trip have in store for the fellas?  Bear wolf and Yeti sightings?  UFOs?  Land Squids?  Yes, and so much more!!!  Check back for updates!!!


7th High Noon Saloon – Summer Camp Battle of the Bands 8:00 P.M.  Tuning up before we hit the actual road.  Come make some noise and help the Mann get into Summer Camp!  $5

8th Mr. Robert’s in Madison, WI – Last home game before the west coast swing.  Showtime is 9:30 PM and FREE as always!

9th Haymarket in Decorah, IA – Good times, great place.  9:00 PM  From here we will procure our supplies.  Thanks Matt!

10th Bob’s Tavern in Lincoln, NE – Our first trip to Lincoln.  We’re ready.  Are they?  Where to next? We’d love to look around!!?

11th Quixote’s in Denver, CO – Love this place.  Big room, so let’s fill ‘er up!

12th Pearl St. Pub in Boulder, CO – So excited to let it snap in Boulder.

13th D-Note in Arvada, CO – Another new stop for us.  Hopefully the first of many!

14th Today we will be thrift shopping and looking for pearl snap shirts and wolf/freedom eagle t-shirts.  Wish us luck.  We may have to caulk our wagon this day.

15th Snake River Saloon in Keystone, CO – We owned this place last year, and played an extra night at the request of management.

16th First St. Pub in Nederland, CO – Everyone loves Ned.  Why buck the system?

17th Main Street Grille in Edwards, CO – This town is named after Mr. Edwards from Little House on the Prairie.  Although I made that up, the Main St. Grille is, in fact, on Main St.

18th Driving and crying.  Periodic stops for coffee and jerky.  Most likely, we will return to a ticker tape parade.


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