Never a Dull Moment

So we record all the shows these days.  This is a good tool for fine tuning material and just for good ol’ posterity’s sake.  (In other words, when we are old and more arthritic, it will be sweet to know we used to be capable of standing for long periods of time and making loud, often musical, noises.)  If you’re at a show, give us an email and we can kick you a copy. 

Now to the non-dull moment portion of the day.  On Wed., at Mr. Robert’s, one of Madison’s, shall we say “characters” was there.  Let’s call him Mr. Bojangles, aka the Dancin’ Dandy.  I noticed he was dangerously close to our very high-tech, sensitive recording apparatus.  I heard an odd noise, but not much more.  (Apparently Pat watched the whole thing transpire, but I had my eyes closed, as per usual.)  Upon reviewing the tapes in the comfort of my hideout/clubhouse, while snuggling with Danger and Muddy, I got to “Starving” which is a heartfelt R&B number from the Dues album.  Enter the Caterwauling Banshee!  Wow.  If this dude could have been any more distant from the actual key of the song, or any song, he would have been in Trego Junction.  It was “Sun Ra may be cringing from beyond-the-grave-style” scary.What I thought was a momentary grunt from a drunken dance-fiend was, in fact, about 6 solid minutes of ear shattering glossolalia.  Needless to say, the cats shredded my legs as they ran for the hills, violently ending our precious time together.  Gotta love the life of the music man.  Ringing ears, cat wounds, and all the rest notwithstanding.

The boys rocking Mr. Robert’s.

 Remember: don’t miss a moment of the madness and attend Mr. Robert’s on Atwood every Wednesday for Free Clovis Mann and even Freer glimpses into the mind of Madison’s most celebrated characters.

Dan and Pat pondering the role of caterwauling and glossolalia in a semi-civilized society, including, but not limited to, its impact on the Green Bay Packer football club.


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